do israeli jews commit pogroms against palestinians?

no. found mostly on social media, this claim is a distasteful attempt to weaponize historical jewish experience against the state of israel.

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pogroms were not just racist marches. nor were they even events where a few windows were broken and maybe a few fights broke out.

pogroms were race riots where jews were beaten, raped, and murdered on a large scale. authorities were not just bystanders: they enthusiastically supported and participated.

pogroms were so violent that they frequently resulted in jewish population decline or total elimination.

if there were pogroms against palestinians, dozens or hundreds of palestinians would be killed by rioters who would totally destroy many or most of the palestinian residences in a neighborhood. this is not happening.

describing racist marches in sensationalized terms is harmful. it also complicates addressing the actual causes and effects of racist gatherings in the state of israel.

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