is the state of israel a colonial entity?

no. colonialism is defined as one country exercising control over another country or territory. the state of israel does not fulfill this definition.

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in eretz yisrael / historical palestine, there are territorial disputes between three countries plus the united nations. with a tiny area less than a third the size of the los angeles metropolitan area, the framework of territorial dispute makes sense, rather than the idea that the idea that disputed areas represent colonial projection and extraction.

appropriate framework

in what was known as the partition plan, the international supported a jewish state existing in eretz yisrael / historical palestine, an area where no independent country had existed for almost two thousand years.

partition plan

the partition plan does not mean that the state of israel is a colonial state, because the state of israel is an independent state and the partition plan simply assured it would be recognized if it established itself.

partition plan

english, spanish, and arabic are spoken widely in many countries outside their place of origin. this is because of a history of colonialism. hebrew is only spoken in one country, in the place where it originated.


many israeli jews are descended from immigrants, but this does not fulfill the definition of colonialism. jewish people came almost entirely as refugees from the deadly hostility of the christian and islamic worlds.


eretz yisrael / historical palestine is located at the juncture of three continents and two seas. it has been a place of immigration for arab, muslim, druze, jewish, christian, european, asian, african, turkish, circassian, and many other populations for centuries.

land bridge

trying to put israeli jews and the state of israel in the same category as new spain, british mesopotamia, or other colonial entities prejudicially disregards the authentic and unparalleled connection and presence that jews have maintained in eretz yisrael / historical palestine for millennia. it is the indigenous jewish homeland.


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