is antizionism antisemitic?

antizionism can be antisemitic. the phrase 'antizionism is not antisemitic' is misleading when antizionism definitely can be discriminatory against jewish people.

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when it comes to antizionism and antisemitism, is there zero overlap or total overlap? actually, there is some overlap. these are different terms with different defintions, after all.

antizionism x antisemitism

these two opposing statements are both technically incorrect: 'antizionism is never antisemitic' and 'antisemitism is always antisemitic' as well. however, is this just semantics? what are jewish people actually experiencing?

two wrong statements

almost anything can be found in online fringe groups, but are there examples from the mainstream world where antizionism is absolutely antisemitic, or where antizionism is clearly not antisemitic? yes, and yes.

mainstream vs fringe

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