what is the 'jewish question'?

the so-called 'jewish question' refers to political discourse from the 18th to today about what sort of rights should jews have. it encompasses questios about citizenship, residency, political office, employment, property ownership, and more.

quick answer

nazis answered the 'jewish question' with the final solution, which was a decision to murder all jews and even any of their immediate non-jewish descendants.

the final solution

today, many countries answer the 'jewish question' by granting jews equal citizenship regardless of jewish status. however, there are also many countries that ban jews from holding citizenship. in addition, some countries have 'answers' that are somewhere between these two possibilities.

today's answers

beyond countries wondering about their own jewish communities, the 'jewish question' today includes questions about whether there should be a jewish seat at the united nations: a single secular, democratic jewish state amid the dozens of christian and and islamic states in the world.



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